Twitter for Android Now with Tweet Embed Support

Only the mobile client appears to offer support for the feature now

Twitter has made yet another tweak for its Android client, now providing users with the possibility to embed tweets into their own posts on the social network.

This feature does not work as the usual retweet functionality available in the application does, but actually requires for users to use the embed code for a tweet in order to take advantage of it.

As a recent article on The Next Web explains, users will need to grab said embed link, and then put it in the tweet they are composing. As soon as the tweet comes online, it will also contain the post that was linked in it.

The one thing that Twitter hasn’t unveiled as of now, however, is whether the feature is completed and is here to stay, or if it is only being tested at the moment.

What the new functionality brings along is the fact that users will be able to retweet a message while also writing down their own thoughts on the matter in a 140-character post.

The best part of this is that only the mobile client appears to have it, as the web interface of Twitter does not offer support for tweet embedding as of now. Most probably, the social network will offer more info on this soon, so stay tuned.

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