Twitter Is Down for Some Users, Outage Affects Desktop and Mobile Apps Updated

The service seems to have been working intermittently for the last couple of hours

Bad news for social media addicts and those who really need to communicate via Twitter, as the service seems to have been down for the last few hours.

Although Twitter has not shared any details on what's causing the outage, the service issue does not seem to affect everyone. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be caused by the usual “over capacity” problem that affects Twitter from time to time, but gets fixed pretty quick.

It is also worth mentioning that Twitter has confirmed that the issues may affect users of both desktop or mobile applications, possibly on all platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone).

According to Twitter's support status page, “some users may be experiencing issues viewing and sending Tweets on and Twitter’s mobile apps.”

This means that while sending a tweet or trying to view one, you may be met with the error message in the picture above that says “something is technically wrong.”

The first problems seem to have started about 3 hours ago, when lots of users started to notice these issues, which appeared only randomly in the beginning.

However, in the meantime, it got worse and some people haven't been able to tweet for a few hours now. We will keep an eye out for any info regarding these issues and we will update this post with new details, so stay tuned. Have you been affected by this outage? Let us know in the comments.

Update: Twitter has confirmed that it has fixed the issue and users shouldn't have any trouble using its services. Here is the official statement: “Traffic was redirected away from the components that were experiencing problems, and the issue has been resolved as of 15:27 PDT.”

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