TuneIn Radio Improves Android 4.3 Support in Version 7.5

The new app flavor comes with various bug fixes inside

TuneIn Radio for Android has been updated this week to version 7.5, and is now available for download both as a free iteration and as a paid flavor.

According to the application’s release notes, the update is meant to bring along a series of bug fixes that would offer users a better experience with the application.

However, the guys over at Android Police claim that said bug fixes include better support for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the latest OS release from Google. Previously, a persistent notification plagued Android 4.3 devices with TuneIn Radio loaded on them.

Basically, the notification informed users that the app was running in the background without alerting them. Google’s Android team wanted to draw attention towards such apps, and TuneIn Radio was one of them, it seems.

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