Three New Nokia Lumia Handsets Emerge Online

They sport model numbers RM-941, RM-943 and RM-910

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is getting ready for the launch of a new series of smartphones running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, with at least three new models expected to be unveiled soon, it seems.

All three have been spotted online recently, and have already been mentioned in a tweet coming from Alan Mendelevich, founder of AdDuplex.

The three sport model numbers RM-941, RM-943 and RM-910, though specific info on the wireless carriers that might bring them to shelves hasn’t been provided as of now.

Nothing has been officially confirmed on any of the three yet, but it seems that they might not be launched as high-end devices, since they sport only WVGA and WXGA screen resolutions.

In fact, RM-943 is said to have emerged only once in AdDuplex’ logs, and to have been powered by Windows Phone 7 when it did.

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