The Android Mascot That Could Have Been

Google chose instead the better looking little droid

By on January 4th, 2013 21:11 GMT

The Android logo that enthusiasts know and love a lot might have been completely different than what it looks like today, had one designer not come up with the idea.

Apparently, Google’s mobile operating system had another mascot before the current one, and Google’s Dan Morrill has just brought it online from the depths of his computer.

They look nothing like the little droid that is so popular today, yet they are said to be probably the first proposed mascots for Android.

They are not professional work, that’s for sure, the same as Irina Blok’s logo is, but they do look pretty funny.

“I figured I'd share them so you can experience a thrill of terror at what might have been, and thank your local patron deity for Irina's incredible home run,” Dan Morrill notes in a blog post.

Possible Android Mascot (4 Images)

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