Temple Run 2 Coming to Android Devices Next Week

The game is finished and is now pending Google’s approval

The sequel to the amazingly popular Temple Run game has just made its debut on iOS platform, but Android enthusiasts will have to wait a bit longer.

According to Polygon, Imangi Studio, the creator of the game, has already finished it, and it is now pending Google’s approval.

The company’s co-founder, Keith Shepherd, has confirmed that the Android version of Temple Run 2 is scheduled for release next week, through Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

However, Shepherd has stated that an exact release date has yet to be decided. It appears that Temple Run 2 uses Unity engine, thus allowing for easier ports to other platforms.

Aside from that, the sequel to the original game is packed with numerous improvements and new gameplay features. We will keep an eye out for this one, so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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