Tapatalk for Windows Phone 2.0 Now Available for Download

It has been completely redesigned and new features were added

Good news for Tapatalk users, as developers have just released a new version of the application for Windows Phone devices, which brings lots of new features and improvements.

However, the most obvious change is the complete UI redesign, which gives the application a simpler and cleaner look. But this is not all, as new features have been added as well.

For example, new users will now find that Tapatalk offers onboarding / tutorial processes. Support for push notification has been included in the update, along with a new feed section to display quick updates from across all users' forums.

There's also a new built-in image edition and support for Windows Phone Transparent tile feature, along with Tapatalk ID Single Sign (SSO) support.

Font sizes are now adjustable in post view and the application seems to feature all moderation options from the Windows 8 version of Tapatalk.

Developers have also added the ability to open topics/posts from web browser, as well as the possibility to share topics and posts. You may also want to know that Tapatalk now offers unlimited image hosting.

You can now download Tapatalk for Windows Phone 2.0 for free via Windows Phone Store. The application should be fully compatible with most devices powered by Windows Phone 7.5 and up.

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