T-Mobile to Launch Apple’s iPhone in Three-Four Months Reuters

The carrier did not offer further info on the deal with Apple

T-Mobile USA is the only major wireless carrier in the country to not have added the Apple iPhone to its offering as of now, but it seems that this is set to change in the first half of the year.

At the 2013 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the carrier’s Chief Executive John Legere confirmed this to Reuters.

No other details on the deal with Apple have been unveiled for the time being, except for the fact that T-Mobile users will be able to purchase the device within three or four months.

In the coming weeks, T-Mobile will also launch its 4G LTE network, which will offer support for the Apple device as well, in addition to various other handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

At the moment, millions of T-Mobile users already have an iPhone, yet none of these devices were purchased through the carrier.

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