T-Mobile’s “Bring Your iPhone” Campaign Becomes “Bring Your Own Device”

The company has removed Apple's handset name from the promotion

Wireless services provider T-Mobile has made some changes to its “Bring Your iPhone” campaign, and transformed it into “Bring Your Own Device.”

Basically, the company has removed all banners from its shops that called for iPhone users to come to its network and has replaced them with new ones, which do not mention the Apple device, TmoNews reports.

The wireless carrier already has over one million iPhone users on its network, but it is also looking to add more to it. However, without Apple’s handset officially available in its stores, that is rather hard to achieve.

Although the iPhone is no longer mentioned in the aforementioned campaign, users can still head over to T-Mobile’s stores and buy SIM cards to connect to its network.

According to the wireless carrier, those who will switch to its plans might end up saving up to $50. Nano SIM cards for the new iPhone 5 are also available at the wireless carrier.

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