T-Mobile USA Stores Start Receiving Nexus 4 Units

Only limited quantities are being shipped to retail locations at the moment

T-Mobile USA has been recently said to plan making the Nexus 4 smartphone available for purchase through all of its retail stores around the country, and it seems that it is already sending units to these locations.

However, only small device quantities are being shipped at the moment, it seems, either due to tight supplies or high demand.

LG was said a few weeks ago to have been capable of producing and shipping less than 400 thousand Nexus 4 units despite great demand for the device, but the company is expected to have ramped up production to deliver more units to users.

T-Mobile has seen the smartphone running out of stock soon after the official launch, although it had it available only through select stores. Starting with January, however, all T-Mobile locations should be selling the Google phone.

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