T-Mobile USA Launching Two New Promo Data Bundles on January 25

Both promotional plans will be available for a limited time

Major carrier T-Mobile USA silently prepares to aim smartphone users with two new promotional data plans, which will be available starting January 25.


Customers who subscribe to either of the two plans will also get the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot and MobileLife Album Plus services for free. Both services are valued at $19.98.


According to the folks over at TmoNews, T-Mobile USA plans to debut the Unlimited-Premium 5GB and Unlimited-Ultra 10GB data feature bundles for a limited time.


These plans are available for both new and existing customers who are willing to upgrade to Unlimited-Premium 5GB and Unlimited-Ultra 10GB data.


Unfortunately, T-Mobile does not want to advertise these promotional plans, instead they will be silently launched and will not be offered proactively to customers already on a 5GB data feature who do not want additional data.

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