T-Mobile USA Delays Windows Phone 8 Update for HTC 8X

The carrier claims it will perform a few more tweaks

We reported yesterday that T-Mobile USA would roll out a Windows Phone 8 update for HTC 8X that would include lots of fixes and improvements.

Unfortunately, the carrier has just announced that the update had been delayed due to some technical problems. The following statement was posted on T-Mobile's support site:

“In order to ensure the best possible experience with your device, we have temporarily delayed the release of the update to perform a few tweaks. We’re working hard to ensure that we get the update to you as quickly as possible.”

No word on when exactly it will be released, but Nokia and Microsoft have already kicked off the rollout of their Windows Phone 8 Portico update for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. The upgrade is only available in the US and Canada for the moment.

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