T-Mobile Releases Source Code for Galaxy S II

The handset differs from other models courtesy of a Qualcomm CPU

Wireless services provider T-Mobile has just added to its offering the high-end Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, and the carrier already made the source code for the device available for download.

The main difference between the T-Mobile flavor of the high-end device and other flavors that landed on shelves in the US and elsewhere is the fact that it packs a Qualcomm application processor, instead of Samsung's own Exynos SoC.

The main reason for that was, apparently, the fact that it can now offer better compatibility with the wireless carrier's HSPA+ network, something that would have not been available is Samsung's chip was inside it.

The source code for the smartphone was made available for download via the Samsung Open Source Release Center, where interested people will simply have to search for SGH-T989. Custom ROMs based on this code might soon become available for the handset.

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