T-Mobile Makes It Official: No Wi-Fi Calling on Nexus 4

The carrier has already updated its support documents to reflect that

Wireless services provider T-Mobile went on record with the lack of Wi-Fi calling capabilities on its flavor of Nexus 4, confirming the initial assumption that the feature will not be available for its users.

Yesterday, a support document on the carrier’s website stated the opposite, but Magenta has already clarified the situation.

The mentioning of Wi-Fi calling capabilities on Nexus 4 was an error, and the capability will not be present on the handset when it arrives on shelves this week.

“You are correct, just a simple mistake in the online document. No Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus 4. The document link has been updated,” the company told Android Police.

People who head over to the carrier’s website will see that all the info on Wi-Fi calling has been removed from there and replaced with the “We’re sorry, but this feature is not available on this device” line.

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