T-Mobile Germany to Launch Visual Voicemail for Windows Phone 8

A company’s employee confirmed that the feature was “in the works”

Wireless carrier T-Mobile appears to be gearing up for the launch of visual voicemail for its Windows Phone 8 users, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

In fact, it seems that the company itself has confirmed in a recent post on its community forums plans to make the feature available to customers.

Through visual voicemail, users will be able to view available voicemail messages in a list on their devices, without the need to contact the audio voicemail service. As WPCentral notes, this is one of the efficient ways in which users can manage messages left by their contacts.

According to the aforementioned post from a Deutsche Telekom employee, the visual voicemail feature for Windows Phone 8 is currently “in the works,” but no further details on the matter have been provided.

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