T-Mobile Germany “Forced” to Offer the Nokia Lumia 920 Due to High Demand

The operator had chosen to carry the HTC Windows Phone 8X instead

It looks like T-Mobile Germany did not choose well when it decided to bring its customers the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

WPArea.de reports that the carrier has already confirmed that it will start selling the Nokia Lumia 920. In fact, T-Mobile Germany is now accepting orders for the Lumia 920, though only through its hotline.

We’re not sure when exactly the phone will be available through T-Mobile’s sales channels, but those who want to purchase the Lumia 920 can check out with the carrier.

It appears that the carrier was “forced” to start offering the Nokia Lumia 920 due to “unexpectedly high demand” from its customers.

The operator has confirmed that it has been hit with a huge number of inquiries, which is why it has decided to listen to their customers’ feedback and finally add the Lumia 920 to its portfolio.

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