T-Mobile Confirms 4G LTE-Enabled HTC One

The handset is already listed on the wireless carrier's website

Today, wireless carrier T-Mobile has confirmed the upcoming availability of the new HTC One smartphone on its network, with support for 4G LTE connectivity.

The company did not provide specific info on when the new smartphone might be released, nor on the price tag it could feature, but did promise that more on the matter would be unveiled soon.

“When combined with T-Mobile’s industry-first Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan with no annual contract, the new HTC One provides amazing 4G experiences at a superior value – without limitations – that only T-Mobile can deliver,” the carrier said.

The phone will offer a superior mobile experience on a 1080p screen measuring 4.7-inches diagonally, paired with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, as well as with a new, revolutionary camera sensor on the back.

The smartphone can already be seen on the carrier’s website, via this link.

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