Symbian^3 Source Code Leaks, Bootloader Unlocks Possible

Enthusiasts could find a way to load Android or Windows Phone on Nokia Symbian^3 phones

Nokia N8 is one of the handsets that will get a taste of the Symbian Belle operating system before the end of this quarter, just as Nokia promised a few months ago.

However, it appears that the owners of this Nokia device might soon get the chance to load a completely different mobile operating system on it, as the source code for Symbian^3 has just been unofficially released on the Internet.

It was accompanied by the bootloader for Nokia devices powered by this OS, which should enable easy loading of platforms like Android or Windows Phone 7 on them.

Those who really love Nokia devices will certainly be able to port other platforms on these Symbian handsets, though it will certainly take a lot of work to do that. No plans for such a port were confirmed so far, but stay tuned for the news.

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