Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 Suffering from Call Distortion Issues

Only voice calls made over Sprint's network are affected

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the latest large Android-based smartphone to be included in the popular Note lineup, has arrived on shelves at Sprint not long ago, and users are already reporting various issues with it.

Apparently, Sprint’s customers with the Galaxy Note 3 in their hands are experiencing poor quality of audio during calls, sometimes making it almost impossible to hear what the person they are chatting with is saying.

Apparently, calls over VoIP show no such issues, but voice calls made over Sprint’s network are distorted.

Chances are that the problem resides with Sprint’s network and not with the handset itself, as the owners of Galaxy Note 3 units on other carriers do not complain of similar issues.

Sprint is already aware of the situation, as Android Police notes, and might come up with a fix for this in the not too distant future.

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