Sprint GALAXY S III 16GB Only $0.01 at Amazon Wireless

The 32GB is on sale as well for only $50/€40 on 2-year contracts

With only a week left until Christmas, Samsung Galaxy S III’s price has been cut to just $0.01 with a new two-year agreement.

The 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III is now available from Amazon Wireless almost for free on 2-year contracts from Sprint. Check it out here.

The smartphone ships in 24 hours, so it would make a nice gift for those who cannot afford to pay Sprint’s $200/€150 price.

Keep in mind that the 32GB is on sale at Amazon Wireless as well, so customers can grab it for only $50/€40, instead of $250/€190.

In the same piece of news, Sprint has BOGO deal on Samsung Galaxy S III, so those who purchase the 16GB model will get another one for free on a separate line of service. Check it out here.

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