Sprint Customers Can Trade-up to an iPhone 4S with BuyBack Program

Up to $275 can be earned by trading in an old iPhone

Sprint has just announced a “BuyBack” program that allows iPhone owners to trade-in their old devices and get the new iPhone 4S.

According to Sprint, customers can earn up to $275 by trading in their old iPhone and upgrading to iPhone 4S

However, the program is also available for other old phones and aircards regardless of carrier or manufacturer, which can be traded in for instant credit toward the purchase of a new phone or an account credit toward an existing Sprint account.

Furthermore, the minimum buyback credit that a customer can obtain is $50, while the maximum is $275 depending on the carrier and model.

However, Sprint guarantees $50 for the oldest iPhone models, while newer iPhones can be traded in for up to $275.

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