Spotify Rumored to Land on Windows Phone 8 Soon

No specific release date for it has been provided as of now

One of the applications that Windows Phone 8 users are still missing from their devices is Spotify, yet it seems that they might not have too long to wait for the software to arrive.

According to a recent tweet from Brendan Arndt, a device portfolio manager at Three UK, the app might be close to launch, although a specific release timeframe has not been provided as of now.

“I have it on good authority Spotify for WP8 is about to go live...,” said tweet from Arndt reads.

At the moment, Spotify is available for download for Windows Phone 7 handsets, though it was launched on the platform one year after being officially confirmed for the first time, Pocket-lint notes.

The software would certainly help Windows Phone 8’s growth, especially now that the platform is picking up pace, the same as the app ecosystem available for its users.

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