Sony’s Xperia Phones Outselling BlackBerry and Nokia in Europe

The company shows strong performance in key European countries

Sony Mobile appears to be finally returning to the battle for supremacy on the smartphone market, at least this is what a recent report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows.

Apparently, the company’s Xperia devices are selling better than RIM’s BlackBerry devices and Nokia’s phones on the old continent.

“After joining the European smartphone market late Sony is making up for lost time with its Xperia series, outselling both BlackBerry and Nokia as a result of strong performances in Spain, Germany and France,” a report from the company reads.

Of course, Samsung remains the top OEM in this market, the same as it is in the United States, yet things appear to be turning to better for Sony, which has lost a significant amount of ground in front of competition in the past several years.

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