Sony’s Alleged Next Windows Phone Gets Detailed

The handset might prove to be nothing but a rumor in the end

Sony Ericsson hasn’t come out with a new Windows Phone for a couple of years now, but it appears that this might change in 2012.

At CES, Sony - which is in the process of taking over Sony Ericsson - unveiled two new Android-powered smartphones in the Xperia lineup and also suggested that it might soon bring a Windows Phone to shelves.

What appears to be the company’s Windows Phone has emerged in leaked photos as well, showing a candybar touch device with no physical keyboard in tow (Sony Ericsson’s Windows-based Xperia handsets packed sliding keyboards).

Nothing is official for the time being, and there is also the possibility that the handset would prove to be nothing more than just a rumor. However, we’re sure that there are many enthusiasts waiting for Sony Ericsson to release a new Windows Phone device, especially now that the platform starts picking up pace.


Sony’s Alleged Next Windows Phone (2 Images)

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