Sony Xperia Z Wallpaper and Lock Screen Images Emerge Online

The handset will arrive on shelves before the end of Q1 2013

Xperia Z, Sony’s next flagship smartphone, will arrive on shelves only in late first quarter of the year, but users can already get a taste of some of the novelties it has to offer.

The entire set of wallpapers and lock screen images has been extracted from the new device and was made available for download online, which enables enthusiasts to download and install them on their devices.

However, as Xperia Blog notes, these images are 1440 x 1280 pixels in size, which suggests that they were designed for a handset with a 720p display, rather than for the 1080p screen of Xperia Z.

Even so, users can now have a look at them, courtesy of a 15MB archive available for download for them. You can also find the images available as separate downloads through this thread on the XDA-Developers forum.

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