Sony Xperia Z User Manual Now Available Online

Users can learn more on what the device has to offer before it hits shelves

Sony Mobile is set to bring its Xperia Z smartphone to various markets around the world before the end of this week, offering more users the possibility to enjoy the features and capabilities that the Android-based flagship has to offer.

Before the device hits shelves in new markets, however, users can have a look at the user manual for the device, so as to learn more on what it can do for them.

As XperiaBlog notes, the document is 131 pages long, and can be downloaded in various languages straight from this page on Sony Mobile’s website.

The guide covers both the C6602 (HSPA+) and C6603 (LTE) flavors of the Xperia Z, and is complemented by other documents from the company, including a white paper, SAR information, and an Environmental declaration.

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