Sony Xperia Z Coming Soon to UK’s The Carphone Warehouse

The handset is expected to arrive in February 2013

The Carphone Warehouse is another retailer in the UK to have officially confirmed plans to make the new Android-based Sony Xperia Z smartphone available for purchase to its users.

In fact, the company has already listed the new device on its website with a “coming soon” tag attached to it, but did not offer further details on the matter.

However, The Carphone Warehouse does mention that the new mobile phone is expected to become available for purchase as soon as next month, with all of its 5-inch full HD greatness.

Other retailers in the county have already announced that the device would become available starting with March 1.

Users interested in the purchase of this device can now head over to this page on the company’s website to register for additional info on Xperia Z’s landing.

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