Sony Xperia X (C650X “Odin”) Design Info Allegedly Leaks

The handset should be thicker and heavier than Yuga

Sony’s long rumored Odin and Yuga handsets have been said for quite some time to be different flavors of the same device, aimed at different markets around the world, yet it seems that they might resemble each other even less than initially thought.

A new rumor, coming from Vietnamese website SE-Café, suggests that Odin (expected to be unveiled as Xperia X) would actually be thicker and heavier than Yuga (said to land on shelves as Xperia Z).

Furthermore, it will also sport a rough, textured, even striped pattern, back plate (Yuga will sport a sleek, plastic mirror one) and will allow for hot swapping of SIM and microSD cards.

Xperia X is also said to sport the front camera at the bottom, aligned to the right, with the light sensor placed in the upper right corner on the phone’s front.

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