Sony Xperia AX Will Arrive in Turquoise Too

This is the Japanese flavor of Sony’s Xperia V smartphone

Sony Mobile appears set to provide users with a wide range of color options when it comes to its upcoming Xperia AX smartphone, at least this is what the latest reports on the matter suggest.

In addition to the already unveiled Black, Pink and White color flavors, the company prepares a Turquoise version of the mobile phone, which should prove a welcomed addition to the lineup.

A leaked screenshot of a brochure presenting the device has unveiled the new color version, though only users in Japan will be able to enjoy it.

For those out of the loop, we should note that Xperia AX was made official a few weeks ago as Sony’s Xperia V variant for the Japanese market.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t provided a specific launch date for the mobile phone as of yet.

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