Sony Releases New Update for Xperia E

It provides users with a variety of performance enhancements, new features

Sony’s Xperia E smartphone received a new software update over the weekend, in the form of firmware version 11.3.A.2.13.

The new update is still based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, the same platform version that was loaded on the smartphone when it landed on shelves.

According to XperiaGuide, the software arrives on both unbranded and carrier specific handsets, and should enjoy global availability in the not too distant future. Users interested in downloading and installing it on their devices will be able to do so both via the PC Companion app and via SUS.

Apparently, the new release provides users with a variety of performance enhancements on their handsets, as well as with various new Sony Media apps, including Walkman, Movies and Album. A new system UI is also included, along with new Xperia themes, a new battery manager and more.

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