Sony Publishes Xperia Z (SO-02E) Promo Videos

They offer a glimpse at the main features of the smartphone

Xperia Z (SO-02E), the new flagship smartphone from Japanese mobile phone maker Sony Mobile, has been available for purchase in the company’s homeland country for a few days, on the network of wireless carrier NTT DOCOMO.

Although this is a highly appealing device, courtesy of its 5-inch full HD touchscreen display, a quad-core processor inside, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel photo snapper on the back, Sony appears set to raise awareness on it even more, and has already published a series of promo videos for it.

Aimed at the Japanese market, these videos will provide users with a glimpse at some of the main features of the smartphone, such as photo snapping capabilities, fast internet browsing, social networking capabilities, and more, as XperiaBlog notes.

Those who might have missed previous Xperia Z videos presenting the handset’s outer design will be able to have a look at them once again.

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