Sony Publishes Xperia Z Assembly Video

The flagship Android smartphone will hit shelves in February

Sony Mobile’s Xperia Z managed to impress last week at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, courtesy of both its great looks and appealing hardware specifications.

On Wednesday, Sony published a new video aimed at promoting the device, this time offering us a glimpse at how the handset can be assembled in no less than 5 minutes.

The assembly process of other Sony products is also being showcased in the video, but Xperia enthusiasts will need to keep an eye on the lower left-hand corner of the screen to watch the various pieces of the smartphone being put together.

Xperia Z, the latest flagship Android-based handset from the company, is expected to arrive on shelves around the world starting with the next month.

It sports a 5-inch full HD screen, a quad-core processor inside, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera, and Google’s Android Jelly Bean platform on top.

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