Sony Mobile Australia Confirms Pricing for Xperia Z

The handset will cost AUD $749 (USD $790 / €590) at Sony

Sony Mobile has already confirmed the price tag that its newly announced flagship Xperia Z smartphone would sport when made available for purchase in Australia.

The company confirmed that those who would like to purchase it through Sony Centers would have to get AUD $749 (USD $790 / €590) out of their pockets for it, and that they would have a range of color options available at their disposal.

“Hi all, it will be $749 direct from Sony Centers and will be available in black, white and purple. Further carrier information as well as price plans will be announced soon,” Sony Mobile Australia announced in a post on its Facebook page.

The company also confirmed that the phone would arrive in the country sporting 4G connectivity, in addition to the 5-inch full HD screen and quad-core processor packed inside.

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