Sony Confirms Focus on High-End Xperia Smartphones Bloomberg

The company will work hard to return to profitability

Japanese mobile phone maker Sony Mobile was recently rumored to plan switching its focus on the development of high-end smartphones, thus leaving the lower end of the market aside, and confirmation on the matter has already emerged.

Apparently, the handset vendor is looking at the high end segment of the smartphone market as the profit driver, capable of helping it to turn its business back to the right track.

Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai confirmed this to Bloomberg recently, while adding that the company still had a lot of room to grow.

Last week, Sony unveiled its next Android-based flagship device, the Xperia Z, which managed to attract a great deal of positive reactions, and which should land on shelves in February.

However, Sony will need more such devices before being able to turn the tide, that’s for sure. Hopefully, it won’t be long before it unveils them.

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