Sony Becomes Second Android Handset Vendor in the UK

It pushes HTC to the third position, but can’t get near Samsung

Sony is currently the second Android mobile phone maker in the UK, a recent report coming from Mobile Today unveils.

During the third quarter of the year, Sony managed to sell around 500,000 Xperia devices in the country, thus pushing HTC to the second position on the local market, with only 440,000 sold units.

However, it seems that Sony still has a long way to go before being able to take on Samsung, which ended the third quarter on the leading position on the UK market with 3.2 million Android devices sold.

Sony has had some rough quarters lately, but the latest range of Xperia devices from the company has managed to attract more users to its side, it seems.

Next year, the vendor is expected to launch even more appealing Android smartphones, including quad-core devices.

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