Skype Brings New Video Messaging Feature to Android, Now in Beta

Users will be able to leave video messages to offline contacts

Today, Skype announced the release of a new video messaging feature for the owners of Android devices, though only in beta and only for a select few.

Through this new feature, users will be able to leave video messages to friends who are offline, it seems.

At the moment, the feature is available for Android users in the United States and the UK, and no info on a wider availability has been provided as of now, Engadget reports.

However, Skype did say in a recent tweet that additional details on the extended availability of the feature would be provided soon.

The main purpose of the testing phase is to discover and resolve bugs in the new feature, so that it would deliver the intended experience to users when made generally available. Some iOS users also received access to it, though nothing was said about Windows Phone.

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