SkyDrive for Android Updated with Uploads from SD Card

The app also comes with new settings for photo upload and download size

A new flavor of the SkyDrive application is now available for download for devices running under Google’s Android operating system, namely SkyDrive 1.1.

The new application release provides users with the possibility to easily upload files to the cloud straight from the SD card inside their devices.

The updated SkyDrive for Android application also packs new settings for photo upload and download size, while also packing updated app icons and visuals. Furthermore, the release notes for the application unveiled that various bug fixes had been included in the new software release as well.

Through SkyDrive for Android, users will be able to access SkyDrive content, including files shared with them, and they will also be able to upload files to the cloud service, all straight from the handset.

SkyDrive for Android 1.1 is available for download from Softpedia via this link.

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