Shortage of 1080p Smartphone Screens Expected for 2013

Sharp is already experiencing stock issues with full HD panels

This year is expected to bring to the market a nice range of high-end smartphones that will boast full HD (1080p) touchscreen displays, yet it seems that this might actually cause supply shortages of the technology.

According to the latest news on the matter, Sharp, one of the biggest manufacturers of large full HD screens, is already registering supply issues with its 5-inch 1080p panel, due to the high demand its Aquos Phone SH930W is seeing in Taiwan.

Apparently, the company is already behind schedule, and there’s no info on when things might return to normal.

Furthermore, the company is expected to launch another full HD smartphone this year, one that might sport its IGZO panel technology, and which will also benefit from improvements in mass producing the technology.

In addition to Sharp, Samsung and LG are also expected to launch full HD screens this year.

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