Samsung Plans to Sell 390 Million Smartphones Next Year

The company will try to ship 510 million mobile phones in 2013

Currently the top mobile phone maker in the world, and also the leading smartphone designer, courtesy of its Galaxy S series, Samsung is aiming at increasing the sales of its handsets next year to 510 million units.

Furthermore, the company is also said to plan on selling no less than 390 million smartphones in 2013, which will further strengthen its top spot on the market.

This year, Samsung is estimated to have sold 420 million handsets, which means that it is aiming at a 20 percent increase in sales for the next year.

According to Korea Times, Samsung will push to shelves not only Android smartphones next year, but also devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform, as well as handsets that are based on Tizen, an operating system jointly developed with Intel.

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