Samsung to Plan “SM” Letter Code for New Devices – Report

The company might introduce the code along with new tablet PCs

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has lately been rumored to plan various new devices, with some appealing new smartphones set to arrive on shelves with high-end capabilities packed inside, and some new details on the company’s future roadmap are now available.

Apparently, the vendor is considering a change in the letter code used for new handsets and tablets, and might adopt “SM” for them, instead of “GT,” which is currently used in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, at least this is what a recent report from SamMobile claims.

While no specific details on what SM would stand for have been provided, the news site notes that new tablet PCs will have a letter code of their own, namely SM-T.

The new letter codes should join the already available GT, SC, SCH, SGH, SPH, SHV, and SHW pretty soon, starting with the next generation of tablet PCs from the company.

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