Samsung to Launch Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3 with Flexible Display

The new device model might be unveiled as soon as October

Leading mobile phone maker Samsung is reportedly planning the release of a new flavor of its Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, one that would sport a flexible display.

Apparently, the company is set to make the handset official as soon as the next month, and will bring it to shelves in limited quantities.

Samsung has been teasing flexible display technologies for quite some time now, and has also been rumored to launch the Galaxy Note 3 with such a screen, but that did not happen.

However, it seems that enthusiasts will actually have the chance to enjoy the feature in the aforementioned Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3 model. Apparently, a Samsung official has already confirmed this, Sohu IT reports.

As UnwiredView notes, Samsung has already been rumored to launch devices with flexible displays in Q4 2013. I presume that the company will continue unveiling such devices in the next year, so stay tuned.

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