Samsung to Launch Galaxy S 4 “Google Edition” Today

The smartphone should arrive on shelves next month at T-Mobile

A new version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone is expected to become official today, one that will be announced at the Google I/O conference as a “Google Edition” phone, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

Apparently, this won’t be a Nexus phone, although it will be a pure AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version, a recent article on reads.

The Galaxy S 4 Google Edition will arrive on the market with stock Android loaded on top, so as to address the needs of a growing number of users who prefer such an OS version on their smartphones.

The new flavor of Galaxy S 4 is also said to be en route to the market starting with June, and will be released on the network of T-Mobile in the United States, it seems. No info on the phone’s pricing has emerged so far.

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