Samsung Trademarks Galaxy S Kit, Galaxy S Mate, Galaxy S Impact, Galaxy S Act and ATIV Zexy

Only the last name has been trademarked in Europe, the rest will show up in the US

Samsung continues its march to world domination with new Galaxy devices. The company has just trademarked a new set of names that will be attached to its upcoming devices, slated for release this year.

The guys over at Pocketnow report that the South Korean company has filed for trademark protection in the United States for the following names: Galaxy S Kit, Galaxy S Mate, Galaxy S Impact and Galaxy S Act.

In Europe, the handset maker has made sure that no one will use the name ATIV Zexy and has filed for trademark protection.

It’s obvious that this will be Samsung’s next Windows Phone device, which seems to be aimed at European market.

The rest of the names trademarked in the US are likely to be given to more Android smartphones. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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