Samsung Trademarks Galaxy Family Names: Lunge, Forge, Rivet, Wield, Mission and Victory

All six trademark applications have been submitted in the US

Samsung trademarked lots of Galaxy names in the past couple of months, but it seems the South Korean can’t get enough of it and submitted more trademark applications.

This time around no less than six Galaxy names have been trademarked and are waiting to be attached to Samsung’s upcoming products.

The company filed the following trademark applications: Galaxy Lunge (Serial No. 85621870), Galaxy Forge (Serial No. 8561866), Galaxy Wield (Serial No. 85621864), Galaxy Mission (Serial No. 85621859), Galaxy Rivet (Serial No. 85621854), and the Galaxy Victory (Serial No. 85621853).

According to Fusible, all six trademark applications have been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They have been filed under “mobile telephones and smartphones” category.

On a side note, Samsung previously trademarked other names such as, Axiom, Awaken, Heir, and Rite, but none has been attached to a real device yet.

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