Samsung Trademarks GALAXY Emerge, Halo and Stellar in the US

No other details on these smartphones are available yet

Korean handset manufacturer has already filed for several trademarks in the United States, such as Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Axio, Galaxy Heir and Galaxy Rite.

However, it appears that the company can’t get enough. The folks over at Fusible have just learned that Samsung filed for three additional trademarks: Galaxy Emerge, Galaxy Halo and Galaxy Stellar.

No other details are available for the moment, but some of these names might designate a single Samsung smartphone, which will be launched through multiple carriers.

According to Fusible, Galaxy Emerge (serial number: 85558647), Galaxy Stellar (serial number: 85558639), and Galaxy Halo (serial number: 85558619) trademarks have been filed under the “Mobile phones; Smartphones” category.

We can safely assume that none of these names defines a tablet. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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