Samsung Takes on BlackBerry with Latest Galaxy Video Ad

The next big thing for business is here, the company claims

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung is already known to be picking on Apple’s iPhone with its video ads for Galaxy smartphones such as Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II, but it seems that it has decided to push its latest commercial one step further, mocking RIM’s BlackBerry OS as well.

In the video that can be seen embedded above the company touts the great features that its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II devices can provide to their business users, compared to those of BlackBerry handsets.

“The Company gets a little help from the Galaxy Note II with SAFE technology in making Unicorn Apocalypse come to life. Play Hard. Work Safe. The Next Big Thing for Business is Here,” Samsung says.

With Galaxy S III and Note II devices, users can do more at the same time, courtesy of the Multi-View features that both pack, Samsung also suggests.

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