Samsung Releases the Source Code for Galaxy S III mini

Developers and modders can now download and start tweaking it

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics has made available for download the source code for its new Galaxy S III mini smartphone, after making it official only a few weeks back.

Just as its name suggests, the Galaxy S III mini has been released as the small flavor of the company’s flagship Galaxy S III device, but with different hardware packed inside.

Not only does the smaller handset pack a 4-inch touchscreen, but it also sports a 1GHz dual-core STE U8420 processor inside, with a different architecture than the CPU inside original handset, AndroidPolice notes.

Thus, Samsung had to build new Jelly Bean software for the device, and the source code for it is now available for all developers and modders interested in the matter to take advantage of. It can be found on this page over at the Samsung Open Source Release Center.

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