Samsung, Qualcomm Working on New Wireless Charging Standard

It would allow users to charge their handsets at a distance

Samsung has been long rumored to plan on packing its smartphones with magnetic resonance wireless charging capabilities next year, and it seems that the company is getting closer to achieving that goal.

The vendor is currently working with LG, Qualcomm, and other companies towards the building of a new wireless charging standard as part of a new project from the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), called Rezence, info coming from unveils.

The name of the project, as SamMobile explains, mixes the words “resonant” and “essence.” Furthermore, it has a lightning bolt inside a pair of brackets as symbol.

The standard will have to compete against already established ones, such as Qi (from the Wireless Power Consortium) and Power 2.0 (from the Power Matters Alliance). Interestingly though, Samsung is a member of all three alliances.

Through the resonant charging technology, Samsung might be able to allow its users to charge their handset at a distance, courtesy of tuned electromagnetic resonators.

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