Samsung Publishes Details for GALAXY S II Jelly Bean Update, Launch Is Imminent

The company has yet to offer any info on the release date

Although Samsung Galaxy S II was launched almost 2 years ago, it's still among the most popular Android smartphones available on the market.

This is probably one of the reasons the South Korean handset maker decided to offer users the possibility to upgrade their phones to the latest version of Android.

However, Samsung did not offer any details on the Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S II until today. It appears that Samsung Korean has just published in-depth details of the upcoming update.

Unfortunately, the handset manufacturer did not reveal any info on the release date, but we can safely assume that Jelly Bean will arrive on Galaxy S II pretty soon.

What we know is that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade will be initially pushed in South Korea for three local carriers.

The update will be available via Samsung Kies desktop software and will lower the amount of internal memory from 12GB to 11GB. Stay tuned for more info on the matter.

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