Samsung Galaxy SL Reportedly Receiving Android 2.3.6 Update in India

It should fix the Wi-Fi issue reported after the previous update

Korean handset manufacturer Samsung deployed the Gingerbread upgrade for the Galaxy SL back in November. However, Indian owners of the smartphone reported an issue with the Wi-Fi connection after they installed the latest update.


One month after Gingerbread was delivered to all Galaxy SL devices Samsung decided to finally fix this issue and further improve the phone’s performance and stability.


The folks over at AndroidOS report that a new Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update is now available for download for the Galaxy SL via Samsung Kies sync software.


Unfortunately, users who already downloaded and installed the update report that the Wi-Fi bug persists even after this upgrade, though the Wi-Fi connectivity is more stable now.


In addition, several issues with the video chats on Samsung Galaxy SL have been reported as well.

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